Wednesday 30 May 2012

The colour of urine and appearance of stools gives us a clue how hydrated we are...

Since starting to drink water, the correct amount every single day starting last Sunday (we are in week 1!) I have read a lot around the topic of water. Water goes in and water goes out so natually, I'm going to discuss it "at the other end..."

Starting with urine colour.

Below is a chart which indicates that urine should be straw coloured, and not yellow or dark.

Compare yours - do you need to drink more water? It is healthy to check each time and make a mental note if you need to drink more. <Not only make a mental note, but actually drink more, too!>

We should be visiting the loo once in every 2 hours if our water systems are flowing properly with a straw colour to the urine. Make time for this in your work day especially.

Next, onto stools. Using the Bristol Stool Scale, I found a lovely explanation of the different types of stool below:

I am focussing on the Type I and II stools because these are the dehydrated ones which have been in the colon far too long.

In an ideal situation, a colon cleanse in the form of colon hydrotherapy would be best in order to keep the colon hydrated.

We are aiming for a Type 4 stool which is like a sausage or snake and easy to pass.

So, that's my discussion on excretion for a day - pop over and leave some comments on my Facebook Page if you wish!

Helen x

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